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Navetti will be joining the European Pricing Platform for its annual pricing forum in November. This year the forum will focus on the newest pricing technologies and latest innovative insights from leading pricing and monetization experts across the world.

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Join Navetti in Berlin for the biggest aftermarket pricing event in Europe, where we will be hosting not one but two exclusive round table sessions to give participants a chance to explore new topics and concerns.

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Join Navetti at the 2018 Manufacturing Pricing Excellence conference in Milan for one of our exclusive pricing talks.

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Ingemar Ylikangas, Yekta Yeganeh and Amine Karmouche will be attending the 29th annual PPS Spring conference on behalf of Navetti. Stop by our booth and say hello!

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Hamed Hakimian and Melissa Soto will be on location at the 2nd annual NYPS conference in Lisbon, sharing insights on pricing methodology and change process communication. Join us!

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Navetti will be hosting an exclusive round table at this year's European pricing summit, hosted by IQPC.

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Navetti will be leading 6 round tables at this year's Spare Parts Summit in Coventry, UK. Participants will have the opportunity to glean insights from experts who have worked with multiple manufacturing industries, and discuss their thoughts on pricing in the aftermarket.

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Hamed Hakimian will be giving a talk on the application of Artificial intelligence and machine learning in strategic decision making within segmentation, deeper business insight, and demand forecasting at the 2nd Annual Global Effective Pricing Summit. 

Hamed Hakimian has more than 6 years' experience with Navetti as a pricing expert and Senior Consultant within the fields of Value Based and Market Driven Pricing.  As Project Manager he has been responsible for driving numerous pricing transformation projects together with global industry leaders, helping them reach pricing excellence that sustainably boosts margins and profits. In his work he drives change both strategically and operationally in how companies manage their pricing strategies in relation to their value propositions. This approach is the foundation that enables clients to properly defend and optimize their prices based on customers’ perceived value in a competitive landscape.

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Navetti will be hosting one of our exclusive Pricing Talks this year in cooperation with Copperberg’s Spare Parts Pricing Platform. Executives are invited to participate in a meeting of the minds about the speed of pricing updates in digital pricing today, and how to avoid starting a price war as a result. Participants will be given the opportunity to share and explore insights on price alignment between sales channels, as well as how to define the value of those channels to customers. The discussion will conclude with an examination of the impact of available online product portfolios on pricing. Navetti Pricing Talks are an opportunity for today’s pricing experts to come together to find solutions for pressing issues that affect us all.

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Copperberg is hosting it's exclusive Pricing Strategy Masterclass on January 23rd in Helsinki with Navetti as their special guest. Navetti's customer Outotec will present 'Defining Differentiation Value - Know Your Market'.

Navetti PricePoint™

Navetti PricePoint™ is the ultimate business tool for controlling, managing and measuring all aspects of your pricing. Our clients have been able to increase their revenue and profitability substantially, implement market- and value-based pricing, increase customer trust and implement a common business language throughout their organization. In addition, with Navetti PricePoint™ our clients are able to implement governance processes, manage risk and ensure organization compliance, and attain business sustainability.

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Navetti Consult™

Navetti Consult™ helps you create pricing strategies to master your pricing optimization. The result is increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced operational efficiency and better margins.

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