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Clients and individuals interested in how we work with pricing often have similar questions. Our new blog portal, written by our ClientCare associates, is our way of providing easily accessible answers to your questions. 

This is the fourth article in a series written by Arsham Mazaheri, Head of Navetti ClientCare™, meant to provide insights into how our clients can use Navetti ClientCare™ to their advantage on a daily basis.


In this edition of Navetti ClientCare™ working procedures, I want to guide you through our Release Management logic and procedure and clarify how you can use Navetti Knowledge Center™ to get information regarding the new releases.

The content of this article is divided into three sections:

  1. General overview of Release Management at Navetti
  2. How are the releases announced?
  3. How to compare the changes between releases

1. General overview of Release Management at Navetti

Currently at Navetti we apply release management on three of our products:

  • Navetti PricePoint™ (NPP™)
  • Navetti Agile Integration Suite™ (NAIS™)
  • Navetti PerformanceManagement™ (PeM™)

The versioning is based on whether we release a version, a patch, or a hotfix.

Versions include collections of new and improved functionalities as well multiple bug fixes. Versions also always include the previously released patches and hotfixes.

Patches include multiple bug fixes that are packaged together. Patches may sometimes include improved functionalities. Patches also normally include the previously released hotfixes.

A Hotfix includes one single bug fix. Hotfixes that are released for the same version/patch do not include the previously released hotfixes for the same version/patch.

Patches and hotfixes are always released for the latest released version or patch. Patches and hotfixes for the previous (not latest) released versions can be created in specific cases, upon request from the client. In such cases, the released patch and hotfix will also be included in the next version, if applicable.

Given the above definition, releases for Navetti products are:


NPP1.2 / NAIS1.2 / PeM1.2                               


NPP1.2.3 / NAIS1.2.3 / PeM1.2.3       


NPP1.2.3.4 / NAIS1.2.3.4 / PeM1.2.3.4                    

2. How are the releases  announced?

Generally, when new releases of our products are available, the installation package along with the instructions are released in our Information Library

As a Navetti client you can always check our Information Library in Navetti Knowledge Center™ to learn more about the latest releases of our products.

For Navetti PricePoint™, we also announce the release of new versions via our newsletter and scheduled webinars. As a user of Navetti products, we recommend signing up for our newsletter, in order to be kept up to date on all releases. You can do so here

3. How to compare the changes between releases

In order to find the changes or fixed bugs in each new release, and compare them with your current version of Navetti PricePoint, you can access the release notes in the Information Library

In the Release Notes tool (see Figure 1), simply enter the current version of your product and the version that you want to compare it with in the provided boxes, and click the “Change” button. All the changes between the two selected releases will be listed along with information such as the steps to test the changes in your products.

Version Comparison

Figure 1: Release Notes in Information Library

In order to view the full content of the table, you can copy/paste the table into a MS-Excel sheet. To do so, triple click on outside of the table, just beside the title of the first column (See Figure 2), copy the content to the Clipboard, and paste it to a new MS-Excel sheet.

Triple click to select all text, copy and paste as plain text into Excel to view the full content of each cell.

Figure 2: Triple click to select all text, copy and paste as plain text into Excel to view the full content of each cell.