Navetti PricePoint™

Learn why Navetti PricePoint™ is the business backbone of any global company

Navetti PricePoint™ is the ultimate business tool for controlling, managing and measuring all aspects of your pricing. Our clients have been able to increase their revenue and profitability substantially, implement market- and value-based pricing, increase customer trust and implement a common business language throughout their organization. In addition, with Navetti PricePoint™ our clients are able to implement governance processes, manage risk and ensure organization compliance, and attain business sustainability.

Optimized Global Price Structure – Price Management

The first step is to define a logical business structure. Products are grouped into families of similar products, and price drivers are chosen on the basis of customer perceived value. Thanks to our in-house developed project tools, this work is reduced to a minimum. We conduct market surveys and analyze historical prices to define target price levels in Navetti PricePoint™.

Market Price Optimization – Market Management

Local list prices for sales companies, dealers and distributers are optimized according to market conditions. The local list price always takes into consideration local market factors, competition, and cross-border parameters.

Optimized Deals – Deal Management

The Deal Management framework supports incentives, discounts, payment terms, and more. The Deal Conditions can be individually managed for groups of customers belonging to different sales channels, countries, markets, segments, account sizes, et cetera.

Fact-Based Decisions – Performance Management

Become proactive when making business decisions. Based on our extensive experience of working with market leading companies, Navetti has developed a unique, comprehensive, ready-to-use set of reports and a dashboard functionality that will provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

Transfer Price Optimization – Transfer Price Management

Optimize international transfer prices to control the profit split throughout the global organization. Navetti PricePoint™ supports the different transfer price methods used within the international manufacturing industry, such as Profit Split Method, Transactional Net Margin Method and Cost-Based Transfer Pricing.

Budget Control – Cost Management

Cost Management can strengthen your organization’s competitive position by stream-lining purchase operations, cost-target prices, procurement situations. It can help iden-tify optimal prices for individual products, and not as per supplier – which offers a big benefit.

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Navetti PricePoint™ is the state of the art pricing software. It is built with the objective to secure a long term solution for global processes, using:

  • Standard components
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to integrate and maintain

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What our clients say about us:

"Managing and optimizing millions of price points globally is a complex task. We selected Navetti PricePoint because it fits best with our methodologies and framework. A key reason for Navetti was also the committed, enthusiastic and professional team."

"Navetti PricePoint™ has enabled us to create a fully integrated pricing platform for our global operation. This has provided us with full transparency, quality prices and control of our business model. A key reason for choosing Navetti was the competence of the Navetti consultants."

"One important criteria for me when selecting a software vendor was the pricing competence of the people delivering the solution. Navetti provided full support, from high level project planning to daily queries."

"Pricing in line with customer perceived value makes it possible to simultaneously increase profitability and customer trust. As the only supplier who can offer both professional services and market leading software, Navetti was the obvious choice for Electrolux when selecting a partner for this strategic change."