Navetti Consult™

Our pricing consultancy helps you create pricing strategies that optimize your prices. The result is increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced operational efficiency and better margins.

We provide our customers with the tools, methods and intelligence for setting optimal prices that maximize revenue and increase profits. And not just once. With our smart system Navetti PricePoint™, our customers get the tools for managing multiple complexities, be it products, markets, customers, currencies or distribution channels. And across the whole pricing system in real time, 24/7/365. Pricing and price optimization is not a one-time activity. So we stay close to our customers and continuously support them with the latest tools. The result is a shared quest for constant improvements.

Navetti delivers large scale projects influencing entire business operations as well as less extensive projects consisting of a series of workshops. But no matter the size or scope of our consulting project, we always believe that an open, inclusive and collaborative approach between us and the client.

Pricing Strategy

An increasingly global and more transparent market makes pricing steadily a more complex and challenging subject. Rapid commoditization and corresponding price pressures are undermining traditional sources of differentiation. Customer loyalty can no longer be taken for granted. New international competitors can emerge virtually overnight from different parts of the world.

But these challenges can also mean opportunities. Understanding the dynamics of customer-perceived value and pricing logic can help identify new opportunites in the market. When customers see and appreciate the logic in how a product portfolio is priced, higher customer satisfaction and retention comes natural. Powerful and flexible software and systems can enable you to get first-mover advantage and capitalize on these opportunities before others even knew they existed.

For international companies, there are multiple complexities to manage. A wealth of currencies and exchange rates, and varying commercial conditions by country, distribution system and category are just some. Often different regions and business units will have different ERP systems.

Creating a value-based operational pricing strategy requires both expertise and experience. For more than a decade, we at Navetti have been at the forefront of first developing value-based pricing systems for leading international companies and then implementing them across multiple markets. With our unique and proven combination of software and consulting, we are confident in saying that nobody has deeper or more extensive competence in pricing and pricing strategies than we do.
Rapid Pricing Strategy Deployment Through our Combination of Consulting and Software

Our work is not done once we have delivered a pricing strategy to our client. In fact, as we see it that is where the real project starts. Implementation turns opportunities into realities. Our rapid deployment of the pricing strategy, through our powerful software Navetti PricePoint™, means that our customers can experience the benefits of a value-based pricing strategy quickly, often in a matter of weeks.

Why not see for yourself how we can help you recover your “lost” profit?

What our clients say about us:

"Managing and optimizing millions of price points globally is a complex task. We selected Navetti PricePoint because it fits best with our methodologies and framework. A key reason for Navetti was also the committed, enthusiastic and professional team."

"Navetti PricePoint™ has enabled us to create a fully integrated pricing platform for our global operation. This has provided us with full transparency, quality prices and control of our business model. A key reason for choosing Navetti was the competence of the Navetti consultants."

"One important criteria for me when selecting a software vendor was the pricing competence of the people delivering the solution. Navetti provided full support, from high level project planning to daily queries."

"Pricing in line with customer perceived value makes it possible to simultaneously increase profitability and customer trust. As the only supplier who can offer both professional services and market leading software, Navetti was the obvious choice for Electrolux when selecting a partner for this strategic change."

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