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Implementing Navetti PricePoint™ is as fast as the system itself. It is a web-based solution, so no installation is needed at the user end. Whether you choose the software-as-a-service (SaaS) version or your own on-premise installation, roll-out to the entire user community is instantaneous. And with a flat usage fee structure, adding more users only means additional profit opportunities, not increased license costs.

NAIS™, the Navetti Agile Integration Suite, ensures a smooth and flexible installation process. We have efficient API’s to all major ERP systems, SCM, CR and others, so access and collection of pricing, sales and other data is a standard operation. At the other end, setting access and usage rights is both intuitive and, of course, totally flexible.


NavettiApps™ is our source for apps within PricePoint™. Our Software Development Kit enables our customers (or their partners) to create their own apps within the platform for customized user experiences. Upgrades and system improvements are carried out both regularly and seamlessly. With Navetti, mastering price optimization is faster and easier than ever before, as is the installation process and technical support.

After all, when we say ‘pricing for business advantage’ we include the IT infrastructure in this too.


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