The Importance of a Vision


This strange, but apparently now normal, hot summer of Europe is almost over – at least in Sweden! Now it is more like the “traditional” summer that I’m used to have here in the Nordics, meaning a moderate to chilly temperature with some cloudy days and a few drops of rain here and there.

In February I held a training session at our Development Centre in Skopje, and last week I once again had the opportunity to arrange some team training. (The cold weather in the Nordics had nothing to do with my escape to warmer climes, but I wasn’t objecting.)

The reason I share these updates about our training sessions publicly is because we have a lot of people working tirelessly behind the scenes in ClientCare to ensure that our clients’ experience with us is always a good one. Transparency is important to us, as is your understanding of our processes and the effort made to deliver what we promise.

Our training session last week started with a re-cap of the most important highlights from the last gathering, including training regarding our procedure, how we communicate with our clients through different channels, as well as risk awareness of working with live data (i.e. the data in your production environment). We then went through the information regarding the new processes and improvements that have been recently implemented in our procedures at ClientCare.

Afterwards, we did a group activity to highlight the importance of team work as well as clear communication in the team. We as a team practiced how a clear communication can contribute to efficiency and the speed of performing a task. As the results of the activity, we also learned how trust between team members could be one of the fundamentals for a team to function well; and that in a team no one takes the credit or the blame individually; it is the team, as an entity, who is responsible for results and performance.

Our training session last week also had one additional type of workshop – one to define the mission for Navetti ClientCare™.

We believe every service team needs both a vision and mission. Or better to say, every efficient service team needs them. Vision acts like a compass for a service team in every moment and every situation, that shows everyone in the team which direction they should aim for. This is at least the way Jeff Toister of Toister Performance Solutions describes it. Mission, on the other hand, works as a roadmap for a service team, so the individuals never get lost or go astray in their daily work and interactions with clients.

The journey of defining the mission for our team started about five months ago when we distributed an electronical survey to the whole company to collect insights and opinions. With that in mind, we continued our training session by workshopping the definition of the mission for our team. It was important that every single one of us on the ClientCare team participated in defining our mission. That way we all believe in it and work towards it.

The mission is still a work in progress, with much to do before we can communicate the results publicly, but we are almost there; and you will soon also be informed how Navetti and the ClientCare team vision a good and virtuous service.

I look forward to sharing our new vision and mission once it is ready for you.

Enjoy the rest of your summers and brace yourselves for hopefully a “traditional” winter. After all, as fans of Game of Thrones like to say, “Winter is coming!”, albeit slowly! ?


Arsham Mazaheri
Head of ClientCare

+46 (0) 70 032 63 79