Navetti Powers Up its Performance Management Capabilities in Price Optimization

“Pricing is increasingly becoming a continuous activity”, says Andreas Westling, CEO of Navetti. “Price optimization means balancing a range of complexities, taking in demand curves, market trends, competitor developments, internal priorities and so on, to set prices that stay competitive and reflect the value of the products and services on offer.”

 Performance Management is one of seven modules in the Navetti PricePoint™ platform and is used as advanced reporting tool to help users monitor their pricing efforts and make relevant decisions based on learnings from the wealth of pricing and transaction data in the system. The new module uses cutting edge technology to turn complex and extensive business data sets into actionable insights.

“We know from our own research that pricing managers, regardless of what business they are in, are adjusting prices more frequently”, Westling continues. “We see that the demand for performance management tools is growing at the same pace. Our new Performance Management module offers advanced, big data analytics with a clean and intuitive user interface, as performance management and price optimization should be both effective and easy to use. For example, Navetti PricePoint™ users can simply select limits and alarm functions to help them monitor performance over time and create alerts for when adjustments need to be made.”

The new Performance Management module in Navetti PricePoint™ will be launched to users in Q2.