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Navetti to Shed Light on Trading Risk Management for Operational Pricing at NYPS 2017


Representing the leading provider of price optimization software and services in Europe, Kalle Aerikkala, the Head of Activities for Navetti in Finland, will be speakingat the Nail Your Pricing Strategy summit in Berlin on Wednesday, September 13th 2017, on how price development occurs within the different stages of pricing maturity.

Kalle Aerikkala, who has worked within the pricing and product management profession for the last ten years, has ample experience in implementing new pricing tools and strategies from the perspectives of both client and solution provider. He will be navigating his audience through the different levels of price optimization, and extending a guide on to how to make these efforts operational, from a strong pricing framework foundation to the management of trading risk.

 “’The beginning of all wisdom is acknowledgement of facts,’” explains Aerikkala, quoting Juho Kusti Paasikivi, the 7th president of Finland during 1946 -1956. “Perfect pricing can be read and studied, but in order to implement it in a way that makes it truly operational it must be adjusted to suit the specific company at that specific time. Pricing improvement is often both gradual and evolutionary, with suitable step changes to speed up the development where required. To achieve this, one needs to take an honest look at the current situation and employ a long-term vision while maintaining a pragmatic short-term implementation plan that won’t lose momentum.” Audience members can look forward to a number of case studies that Aerikkala will employ to demonstrate how Navetti accomplishes these tasks on a daily basis.  

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