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Navetti to Lead High Level Discussion on the Influence of Pricing Strategy on Enterprise Value

As the premium choice for pricing software and consultancy services, Navetti will be leading a high-profile discussion panel on June 27, at the European Pricing Summit in Berlin.

Ingemar Ylikangas, Vice President of Sales at Navetti and one of Europe’s leading pricing systems experts, will be guiding some of the world’s foremost experts in pricing optimization through an in-depth dialogue on the importance of C-Level involvement in pricing transformations. Understanding risk factors, potential points of internal contention, and proven strategies for defining and communicating the right incentives for and to the different areas within the business organization are imperative to a successful pricing project.

“Creating enterprise value is one of the CEO’s main responsibilities” explains Ylikangas, “and price is one of the most effective factors influencing enterprise value. Companies with high pricing power always involve the C-Level in their pricing strategy. It’s time to talk about why.”