Leading global medtech company adopts a healthy approach to pricing through Navetti PricePoint™


Navetti has been chosen by one of the leading global medtech solution providers to expand its price optimization offer with the client. The new contract covers both a deepened engagement across Europe and the first steps towards a global deployment of Navetti PricePoint, where the target architecture and operational model will be evaluated across a range of different markets and regions.

“As the contract is with one of the world’s most admired companies, we are of course extremely proud that this client has chosen to extend their cooperation with us”, says Andreas Westling, the Navetti CEO. “Medtech is a highly complex industry, with many specialist suppliers, technically advanced products and solutions, and complex purchasing structures and financing solutions that cross both private enterprises and the public sector. Together with the client, our joint focus is on making this complex business environment easy to manage by utilizing Navetti’s technology for both “price setting” and “price getting”, i.e. improving the client’s internal efficiencies and as well as their sales performance, where the starting point is customer value-based business rules and efficient cross-functional collaboration.”

“Our European work with the client’s service unit will intensify in the coming months”, says Westling, “especially when it comes to the DealManagement module in Navetti PricePoint™ that helps clients manage their range of different commercial conditions with different customers and distributors. In parallel, the customer is setting up an evaluation program that looks at how the learnings in Europe to date, with Navetti PricePoint™ as the system platform for price optimization, can be expanded into other regions. For this, eight countries in Asia and the Americas have been selected as references, with an initial focus on the PriceManagement and MarketManagement modules, i.e. how to optimize prices based on customers’ perceived value and how this also needs to be balanced against different market conditions in different local markets. A key part in the contract is also NAIS™ (Navetti Agile Integration Suite), that secures a scalable implementation capability when the utilization Navetti PricePoint™ expands in the largest and most complex organisations.”