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Global Manufacturer Gets Pricing Back on Track with Navetti PricePoint™

Navetti is pleased to announce that a global automotive component producer has decided to help drive change within its organization with Navetti PricePoint™, Europe’s most sophisticated pricing software. One of the many reasons the company selected Navetti PricePoint™ was the system's intuitive, user friendly set up and flexible architecture. The system can easily be configured to support the client's specific needs without any need for customization. This is made possible as it is a configurable solution, which means that all upgrade processes are efficient and easy to manage. The end result is that the system is set to deliver increased sales revenue and margin with a very attractive TCO.

 Andreas Westling, CEO at Navetti, explains “The main customer benefit comes from the ability to master price optimization through operational pricing. Navetti PricePoint™ drives efficiencies and boosts sustainable sales and profits by unlocking the potential of the client's pricing organization. It helps our new client maintain their position as an industry leader, as they are now able to easily and securely apply differentiated pricing methods and strategies across a complex assortment.”

Navetti has seen a steady and steep increase in the number of companies that look for help with their pricing needs, a trend predicted in part by Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce (see image below). This report saw Price Optimization and Price Management tools for B2B becoming mainstream within the next two years. This is due largely to the growing consumer intelligence and global transparency occurring in the wake of extensive developments in internet technology and mobility, and businesses are quickly starting to understand that they need to get in line with these changes. Without expert knowledge of the methods and tools designed specifically to optimize and manage global prices, companies around the world are looking for ways to get ahead of their competition. 

Gartner Report Hype Cycle