Board of directors

Chairman – Styrbjörn Horn: Styrbjörn founded Navetti in 2003 and was the CEO until August 2012. Navetti has shown profitable growth from the start and is today a global leading pricing solutions provider. Styrbjörn has extensive experience in entrepreneurship with several success stories to show for it. He ensures effective operations of the Navetti Board and its committees in compliance with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Board Member – Ulf Avrin: Ulf Avrin is currently CEO of Zebware, a software company specializing in data orchestration solutions. He has extensive international experience and has held several senior positions in the Ericsson Group over a ten-year period before becoming CEO of a joint venture between Ericsson and Microsoft. He joined Microsoft’s EMEA HQ for a six year tenure managing software company partners across the EMEA market, and have on multiple occasions been CEO of medium sized software companies. Ulf brings extensive expertise in the development and distribution of software. He holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School, United Kingdom.

Board Member – Per Grosskopf: Per has extensive experience in the IT consulting industry and is an expert in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. Per has held several VP positions over the years. As co-founder of Ferrologic, he is currently developing the company’s Business Intelligence unit. Per’s expertise also helps to consolidate the quality and sustainability of BI tools used by the Navetti PricePoint™ solution. Per currently serves on the board of Navetti, Saplo, Possio and Roxen.

Board Member – Lars Klingstedt: Lars has been a multi-entrepreneur in the IT industry since the early 80s. He started, developed and listed two software companies. Today, he is a professional board member and investor in the IT industry. Lars also has a family business that operates a small conference Hotel – “Villa Sandudden Konferens” in the Stockholm archipelago. He has been a board member for Spiltan since 1998 and Alternativa Aktiemarknaden since 2004, Paradox Interactive AB, MWM AB and Roxen AB.

What our clients say about us:

"Managing and optimizing millions of price points globally is a complex task. We selected Navetti PricePoint because it fits best with our methodologies and framework. A key reason for Navetti was also the committed, enthusiastic and professional team."

"Navetti PricePoint™ has enabled us to create a fully integrated pricing platform for our global operation. This has provided us with full transparency, quality prices and control of our business model. A key reason for choosing Navetti was the competence of the Navetti consultants."

"One important criteria for me when selecting a software vendor was the pricing competence of the people delivering the solution. Navetti provided full support, from high level project planning to daily queries."

"Pricing in line with customer perceived value makes it possible to simultaneously increase profitability and customer trust. As the only supplier who can offer both professional services and market leading software, Navetti was the obvious choice for Electrolux when selecting a partner for this strategic change."