The Importance of a Vision

The Importance of a Vision

This strange, but apparently now normal, hot summer of Europe is almost over – at least in Sweden! Now it is more like the “traditional” summer that I’m used to have here in the Nordics, meaning a moderate to chilly temperature with some cloudy days and a few drops of rain here and there.

In February I held a training session at our Development Centre in Skopje, and last week I once again had the opportunity to arrange some team training. (The cold weather in the Nordics had nothing to do with my escape to warmer climes, but I wasn’t objecting.)

The reason I share these updates about our training sessions publicly is because we have a lot of people working tirelessly behind the scenes in ClientCare to ensure that our clients’ experience with us is always a good one. Transparency is important to us, as is your understanding of our processes and the effort made to deliver what we promise.

Our training session last week started with a re-cap of the most important highlights from the last gathering, including training regarding our procedure, how we communicate with our clients through different channels, as well as risk awareness of working with live data (i.e. the data in your production environment). We then went through the information regarding the new processes and improvements that have been recently implemented in our procedures at ClientCare.

Afterwards, we did a group activity to highlight the importance of team work as well as clear communication in the team. We as a team practiced how a clear communication can contribute to efficiency and the speed of performing a task. As the results of the activity, we also learned how trust between team members could be one of the fundamentals for a team to function well; and that in a team no one takes the credit or the blame individually; it is the team, as an entity, who is responsible for results and performance.

Our training session last week also had one additional type of workshop – one to define the mission for Navetti ClientCare™.

We believe every service team needs both a vision and mission. Or better to say, every efficient service team needs them. Vision acts like a compass for a service team in every moment and every situation, that shows everyone in the team which direction they should aim for. This is at least the way Jeff Toister of Toister Performance Solutions describes it. Mission, on the other hand, works as a roadmap for a service team, so the individuals never get lost or go astray in their daily work and interactions with clients.

The journey of defining the mission for our team started about five months ago when we distributed an electronical survey to the whole company to collect insights and opinions. With that in mind, we continued our training session by workshopping the definition of the mission for our team. It was important that every single one of us on the ClientCare team participated in defining our mission. That way we all believe in it and work towards it.

The mission is still a work in progress, with much to do before we can communicate the results publicly, but we are almost there; and you will soon also be informed how Navetti and the ClientCare team vision a good and virtuous service.

I look forward to sharing our new vision and mission once it is ready for you.

Enjoy the rest of your summers and brace yourselves for hopefully a “traditional” winter. After all, as fans of Game of Thrones like to say, “Winter is coming!”, albeit slowly! ?


Arsham Mazaheri
Head of ClientCare

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Navetti aide le Groupe Manitou, expert de la manutention, à gérer l’optimisation de ses prix

Navetti aide le Groupe Manitou, expert de la manutention, à gérer l’optimisation de ses prix

Navetti est heureux de vous annoncer que le Groupe Manitou, leader mondial de la manutention tout-terrain, a choisi Navetti comme consultant et le système Navetti PricePoint™ comme son système d’optimisation des prix. Le contrat représente encore une preuve de l’expansion de Navetti en Europe, car il s’agit du premier contrat pour le nouveau bureau français de Navetti. Le contrat vise à gérer les prix des quelques 400 000 pièces de rechange et accessoires du groupe Manitou à travers l’intégralité des opérations internationales du groupe. En 2017, le groupe Manitou a réalisé des ventes pour 1,6 md €, avec des clients dans plus de 140 pays. Les objectifs de Manitou en implémentant Navetti PricePoint™ sont doubles :

  •    Soutenir et augmenter les ventes de pièces de rechange et d’accessoires grâce à des outils et systèmes qui peuvent épauler une logique de prix basée sur la valeur perçue par les clients ;
  •    Renforcer la qualité perçue et les niveaux de satisfaction des clients grâce à des outils et systèmes qui peuvent assurer une approche plus cohérente de la logique de prix à travers toutes les catégories de pièces de rechange et tous les segments de marché.

« Nous avons choisi Navetti et Navetti PricePoint™ en raison de la correspondance qu’ils ont avec la culture d’entreprise du groupe Manitou, une équipe forte et ambitieuse, qui souhaite optimiser son travail pour délivrer rapidement des solutions créatives et innovantes », dit M. Wim Vercauteren, Vice-Président de l’unité commerciale Pièces de Rechange du Groupe Manitou. « Avec Navetti PricePoint™, nous allons davantage renforcer notre capacité de livrer à nos clients les bonnes pièces, au bon moment, au bon prix ». « Nous sommes naturellement très heureux d’avoir été choisis par le groupe Manitou », dit M. Ulf Avrin, Directeur général de Navetti France. « Nous comprenons qu’il s’agit d’un processus de sélection très exigeant, avec plusieurs systèmes concurrents qui ont été évalués par Manitou. Toutefois, nous savons par expérience que notre unique façon d’allier la force des hommes et de la technologie fait la différence pour beaucoup d’entreprises. Nos consultants d’affaires aident nos clients à faire évoluer leur logique de création des prix ; ensuite, à travers Navette PricePoint™ nous nous assurons que leur structure de prix est mise en place et qu’elle crée des avantages commerciaux rapidement et efficacement. Maintenant nous sommes très impatients de poursuivre ce processus avec le groupe Manitou également. »  

Navetti Helps Materials-Handling Expert Manitou Group Handle Price Optimization

Navetti Helps Materials-Handling Expert Manitou Group Handle Price Optimization


Gear Pivot Pins greasers on MLT and MT

Navetti is pleased to announce that Manitou Group, a leading French manufacturer of rough-terrain materials and services handling equipment, has chosen Navetti and Navetti PricePoint™ as its pricing and price optimization system. The contract represents further proof of Navetti’s European expansion, as it is the first contract for Navetti’s newly established French office.

The contract focuses on managing pricing of Manitou Group’s roughly 400,000 spare parts and accessories across the company’s entire international operations. In 2017, Manitou had sales of € 1.6 billion, with customers in more than 140 countries. The objectives for Manitou Group in implementing Navetti PricePoint are twofold

– To support and increase sales of spare parts and accessories from tools and systems that can support a more customer value-based pricing logic.

– To strengthen the perceived quality and customer satisfaction levels, from tools and systems that can ensure a more consistent approach to pricing logic across spare parts categories and market segments.

“We chose Navetti and Navetti PricePoint because of the match with the Manitou Group culture, a strong and ambitious team, willing to work hard and deliver quickly creative and innovative solutions” says Wim Vercauteren, VP of Manitou Spare Parts Business Unit. “With Navetti PricePoint, we will further strengthen our ability to provide our customers with the right parts, at the right time and at the right price.”

“We are naturally very pleased to have been selected by Manitou Group” says Ulf Avrin, head of Navetti France. “We understand that it was a very thorough selection process, with several competing systems being evaluated. However, we know from experience that our unique combination of people and technology makes a difference for many companies. Our business consultants help customers evolve their pricing logic, and then through Navetti PricePoint we ensure that their pricing structure is deployed and creates business advantages quickly and effectively. Now we are very much looking forward to pursuing this process with Manitou Group as well .”

Vendavo Acquires Navetti

Vendavo Acquires Navetti

Navetti today announced that its owners and management have accepted an offer to merge with Vendavo, a leading American provider of cloud-based commercial excellence solutions. Combining the resources of the two companies will create a dynamic global force in intelligent price management solutions with quick time-to-value for large and mid-size enterprises.

“Combining our powerful yet easy-to-use pricing solutions that focus on international pricing operations with Vendavo’s excellent reputation and market presence is very exciting,” says Andreas Westling, CEO of Navetti. “This will open up new markets for our technology and create new possibilities, not least within CPQ (Configure/Price/Quote), for existing Navetti customers as well. With our European roots and rapid system deployment and Vendavo’s sizeable presence with major enterprises in North America, we believe we truly are combining the best of two worlds.”

“Companies must constantly keep up with rapidly changing market conditions and customer buying preferences,” says Bruno Slosse, President and CEO, Vendavo. “And that is especially true when it comes to their pricing strategies and tactics. Prices must intelligently weigh internal and external factors in real-time and identify the optimal price point for enhanced profitability and customer retention. The addition of Navetti further delivers on this vision.”

With Navetti, Vendavo’s commercial excellence platform adds robust functionality in rules-based, customer value-focused strategic price management that reacts dynamically to changing market conditions, competitive price data sourcing, transfer price management, cost management, and cloud-based reporting and analytics. Navetti has sizable success throughout Europe and provides pricing solutions for B2B manufacturing and aftermarket customers, but also has a growing presence in pricing systems for e-commerce solutions for both B2B and B2C markets.  This acquisition brings expanded market presence and vertical expertise to Vendavo and cements the company’s commercial excellence leadership for both the enterprise and mid-market.

Learn more about Vendavo and Navetti



About Vendavo

Vendavo powers the shift to digital business for the world’s most demanding B2B companies, unlocking value, growing margin and accelerating revenue.  With the Vendavo Commercial Excellence platform, companies develop dynamic customer insights and optimal pricing strategies that maximize margin, boost sales effectiveness and improve customer experience. With an annual margin improvement totaling more than $2.5 billion across companies in chemicals, distribution, high-tech and manufacturing, Vendavo delivers cutting-edge analytics and deep industry expertise that help companies stay one step ahead. Vendavo is headquartered in Denver, CO and has offices across North America and Europe. Learn more at

Navetti Expands its Cooperation with  World-Leading Mining and Drilling Equipment Company

Navetti Expands its Cooperation with World-Leading Mining and Drilling Equipment Company

Navetti is pleased to announce that a world-leader in mining, drilling and rock-excavation equipment has chosen Navetti and Navetti PricePoint™ as its pricing and price optimization software and services provider. The contract represents a further milestone for Navetti and their client in a relationship that began over 15 years ago.

“Our strategic cooperation is expanding, due to our successful delivery of sustainable sales, profit gains and operational advantages for this client ever since they started working with Navetti and the very first version of what is now Navetti PricePoint™”, says Andreas Westling, Navetti CEO. “This also means that this client represents some of the most experienced– and therefore also the most sophisticated –  users of our technology.  I am especially proud of the confidence they have placed in our software, and in Navetti as their pricing solution.”

The customer will extend the scope currently managed within Navetti PricePoint™, with a focus on the modules Navetti PriceManagement™, Navetti MarketManagement™ and Navetti PerformanceManagement™, for the pricing and price optimization of over 1 million articles across its entire customer offering. As part of the new project, Navetti has configured two Navetti Apps, one covering local/central price compliance and one that integrates their customer service center into new product development. This is a typical example of how Navetti’s app-based user environment, thanks to its modular architecture, can be deployed quickly and efficiently to create customer-specific solutions. For more information go to

Navetti Completes Successful SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II  Audit Examination

Navetti Completes Successful SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II Audit Examination

Navetti has demonstrated its commitment to the highest levels of data security by successfully completing an external audit validating its data security standards and operations, SOC 1 and SOC 2. The audit was done by the US auditing firm Skoda Minotti and verified Navetti’s continued performance based on the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, AICPA, standards.

“Pricing and price optimization systems handle sensitive financial data, so data security is of the utmost importance to Navetti”, says Andreas Westling, Navetti CEO. “We are naturally very pleased that the extensive audit process performed by Skoda Minotti has verified that our operational processes and system specifications continue to meet the most stringent standards that the market has specified, and that we keep the SOC 1 type II and SOC 2 type II certification. We know from our large and growing number of blue-chip customers that this is an area of highest importance for clients, so we are proud to be able to say that we are trusted by the companies that are trusted the most in their respective categories.”

The SOC (System and Organization Control) audit looks at the levels of control and security within a company. The audit covers two dimensions of control:

SOC 1 is based on AICPA Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) #18: Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization and evaluates the effect of the controls at the service organization on the user entities’ financial statement assertions. SOC 1 type II reports are important components of user entities’ evaluation of their internal controls over financial reporting for purposes of complying with laws and regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the user entities’ auditors as they plan and perform audits of the user entities’ financial statements.

Skoda Minotti’s testing of Navetti’s control environment, SOC 1, included an examination of Navetti’s policies and procedures regarding computer operations, application change control, information security, and data communications. Upon completion of the examination, Navetti received a Service Auditor’s Report demonstrating that their policies, procedures, and infrastructure controls were suitably designed and operating effectively to achieve the related control objectives throughout the examination period.

SOC 2 is based on the AICPA guide Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, or Privacy. The SOC 2® Type II report is performed by an independent auditing firm and is intended to provide an understanding of the service organization’s suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of its internal controls. A service organization may select any or all of the trust service principles applicable to their business and Navetti chose to report on security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.

Skoda Minotti’s testing of Navetti’s controls included examination of their policies and procedures regarding network connectivity, firewall configurations, systems development life cycle, computer operations, logical access, data transmission, backup and disaster recovery, and other critical operational areas of their business. The successful completion of this voluntary engagement illustrates Navetti’s ongoing commitment to creating and maintaining a secure operating environment for their clients’ confidential data. Upon completion of the audit, Navetti received a Service Auditor’s Report demonstrating that their policies, procedures, and infrastructure meet or exceed the stringent SOC 2® criteria.


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