The benefit of having a Navetti PricePoint™ TEST environment


When you are dealing with software development and a continuous delivery concept, having a test environment is recommended based on the industry’s best practices. There are benefits and justifications for this which I will explain in the following section, but first let me explain what we at Navetti mean by a “test environment”.

A Test Environment for Navetti PricePoint™ is an environment that consists of the application and its connected database, and often includes the NAIS™ (Agile Integration Suite) and the integration to the other test ERP systems, the same way that the main NPP environment or Production environment (PROD), is set up. This is mainly because the Test Environment is supposed to work the same way as PROD, so the changes and new development can be tested in a safe and isolated environment before deploying the changes to the main environment.

Production and Test Environments

As part of our Change Management process, we at Navetti always perform quality assurance tests on what we develop or configure before releasing or deploying it, including in our own test and QA environments. This guarantees that the new functionalities and configurations that we are releasing are aligned with the core of the NPP platform the existing functionalities and configurations. Nonetheless, to make sure no surprises happen when we deploy the new development on your NPP environment with your configuration and your data, we use a test environment. When a new release is available, we deploy that first into your test environment, do a smoke test to make sure everything is operational from the application perspective, and then ask you to confirm that everything is working the way it should. Thereafter, and only then, we push the new release to the production environment, where you keep your live data. The test environment acts as a buffer to detect and prevent any possible development mishaps from entering the production environment.

Additionally, when a new member on your pricing team needs to be trained, they can use the test environment to learn your processes, with no concern of jeopardizing the live data. Even experienced users sometimes want to try out new functionalities or processes in a safe and isolated environment, without worrying about repercussions, or how to revert changes. Having a separated and isolated test environment is handy in these situations.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to having a test environment for your NPP, which is why all our clients have at least two setups. You can of course have as many environments as you need for your business but having two as the minimum requirement is something we strongly recommend.

We also recommend refreshing the data in your test environment with close to real data (normally a copy from production data) at least every six months, to make sure the results of the tests are as realistic and reliable as possible.

If you don’t have a test environment yet, would like an additional environment for your NPP, or want to refresh the data in your test environment, please contact our Navetti ClientCare™ team (, or open a ticket in our ServiceDesk).


Arsham Mazaheri
Head of ClientCare

+46 (0) 70 032 63 79