Introducing Navetti Visual Analytics™


With our next major release (, we will debut Navetti Visual Analytics™, our solution to your reporting needs. We have always worked closely with our clients to design, develop and deploy customized apps and reports based on the precise needs of our clients. We are excited to announce the deployment of a new, self-service business analytics app that you can customize on your own.
As an extension of the Performance Management module, Visual Analytics lets you design and develop your own dashboards with multiple dynamic and interactive analytical reports, without needing assistance. The innovative usability and seamless performance of the app ensures that getting agile business insights from complex data has never been easier.

In addition, the new features will enable users to:

  • choose the data you want to use in your report
  • implement standard calculation and analytical functionalities
  • choose how to visualize your data
  • perform deeper analyses on your data to get better insights on your business and your pricing strategy
  • share the dashboard with your colleagues, or even set a scheduled send-out of a report with the latest data available
Visual Analytics Dashboard

Use various existing charts and graph to visualize your data and analytics in the most clear and insightful way

Visual Analytics Dashboard

Dynamic and interactive dashboards with Navetti Visual Analytics gives you deeper insights into your business and pricing strategy

With Visual Analytics you can change, modify, and tune your dashboard and reports at any time, any way you like. ***

Users also have the option of adding other, more customized functionalities by requesting a customized Navetti app based on reports already created with Visual Analytics. This could include a schedule that triggers specific outgoing prices from NPP4 to your ERP.

Our aim is to help our clients save time and money, without missing out on the insights that drive their company towards the future. With Visual Analytics, Navetti PricePoint™ users can make their business intelligence work for them, resulting in more informed decisions, delivery of ROI, and business advantage over the competition.

Visual Analytics is an optional extension to our current Performance Management module and will be available on request with the release of Navetti PricePoint™ Watch our blog for updates! For further information please contact Navetti ClientCare™ or your account responsible at Navetti.

*** To be able to modify a report, you need to obtain developer license for Navetti Visual Analytics. For further information in this regard, please contact Navetti ClientCare™ or your account responsible at Navetti.


Arsham Mazaheri
Head of ClientCare

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