Business as Usual


By now I assume all of you know the news:

Vendavo acquired Navetti

The news is short but powerful: Intelligence Pricing made simple


Vendavo Acquires Navetti


I personally believe that when two the leading providers of intelligence pricing platforms in the market join forces, only good can come of it.


Navetti and Vendavo


Both Vendavo and Navetti have worked to generate resources that shed light on what this new partnership will look like, including an official announcement video and a webinar, to answer the questions that current users of PricePoint™ may have had. In short we, now as a single and united entity, have even more competence and resources than before, under one single roof, to support you in your pricing activities.

If there is one message I want to highlight for our clients at this point, it is the message that was communicated by our CEO, Andreas Westling, during our 2018 User Conference: “Business as usual”


Business as Usual


We will continue with the same improvement plans that we had for our SaaS environments (our cloud-based solution) before the acquisition. As a matter of fact, we have recently recruited a dedicated database administrator, Ranjana, and she has already started the improvement processes to our servers that will ensure we not only maintain the same level of performance as we grow, but also continuously improve performance in the long run.

We are currently taking advantage of the slow summer months, when the load on our servers is at its lowest, to do some housekeeping activities. We have started upgrading our SQL server, full defragmentation and re-indexing of our databases, regrouping them for daily backup process, re-evaluating and rescheduling the daily backup times to have the least interfere with normal user experience, and much more. We are convinced that the combination of these activities will excel the performance of our SaaS solution in long run. You may notice some interruption or sluggishness in your PricePoint tool during this summer as we are performing all these activities, but we promise to do our best to minimize those effects, as well as to inform you regarding any upcoming interruption.

So, rest assured that ClientCare will continue to do our “business as usual”. We will continue to provide the services and support to the users of PricePoint™ as we have up until this point, using the same tools and communicating through the same channels as before, including the Navetti Service Desk, Navetti Knowledge Center, and your Navetti Account Responsible, and we look forward to bringing you a larger, exciting array of solutions thanks to our new partners.


Arsham Mazaheri
Head of ClientCare

+46 (0) 70 032 63 79