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Clients and individuals interested in how we work with pricing often have similar questions. Our new blog portal, written by our ClientCare associates, is our way of providing easily accessible answers to your questions. 

This is the first of a three-part series by Arsham Mazaheri meant to provide insights into how our clients can use Navetti ClientCare™ to their advantage on a daily basis.

I find it quite useful to talk about the general way that we at Navetti ClientCare™ work. This way clients know when to expect what and how from our department. This to me is especially important because of the recent changes occurring in our department, which is moving from an ad-hoc support system to a more structured support system. That also requires collaboration from our clients in order for us to be able to serve them best.

 Let’s start with defining some of the most commonly used terminologies in Navetti ClientCare™:

Navetti ClientCare™ is the support division at Navetti which provides supports to Navetti’s clients regarding Navetti PricePoint™ and any other related systems and services including but not limited to, Navetti Apps™, Navetti Agile Integration Suite™ (NAIS), and system integration of Navetti PricePoint™.

Navetti Knowledge Center™ is Navetti ClientCare™ portal to provide Zero-Line support for the clients of Navetti

Information Library is the wiki space that includes all the necessity information regarding the use of any of Navetti products and related systems and services. The information like user guide of Navetti PricePoint™ and Navetti Apps™, upgrade and configuration instructions for Navetti PricePoint™, and useful tips and video tutorials to use Navetti PricePoint™ are all stored and accessible for our clients in our Information Library**.   

Navetti Service Desk is the customer portal of Navetti ClientCare™ to provide 3rd line support for the users of Navetti PricePoint™. The portal is used for reporting problems or incidents regarding all products of Navetti, including but not limited to, Navetti PricePoint™, Navetti Apps™, Navetti Agile Integration Suite™ (NAIS), and system integration of Navetti PricePoint™. The portal can also be used to request for change (RFC) on any products of Navetti, including by not limited to new functionalities in Navetti PricePoint™, development of a new Navetti App™, request and installation of a Navetti App™, customization of a Navetti App™, or an existing functionality in Navetti PricePoint™.

A Ticket is an open request in Navetti Service Desk. The request could be either a query, a request for a service, a request for a change, a report of an incident, or a report of a problem, etc. Each ticket in Navetti Service Desk has a unique number which normally starts with NSP.

Service Request is a ticket opened in Navetti Service Desk requesting a service i.e. resetting a password or requesting access to a service. Service Request tickets reported to Navetti ClientCare™ will be handled by Service/General workflow.

Incident (adapted definition from ITIL®) is an unplanned interruption or reduction in quality of any of the services provided by Navetti that needs to be resolved within a specific timeline according to the Service Level Agreement. Incident tickets reported to Navetti ClientCare™ will be handled by Incident Management workflow.

A Problem (adapted definition from ITIL®) is the underlying cause of one or multiple incidents, which if not solved may cause the incident to occur again; thus, a problem may be raised by an incident or it can be detected independently. Problem can be left indefinitely so not bounded by the agreed SLA until an incident happens. Problem tickets reported to Navetti ClientCare™ will not be handled by Navetti ClientCare™. Problem tickets opened in Navetti Service Desk will be reported to Development team for development and bug fixing, and they will be handled by Problem Management workflow.

A Change (adapted definition from ITIL®) is an addition, modification, or removal of anything that could affect the provided IT services. Change Request (CR) tickets requested from Navetti ClientCare™ will be handled by Change Management workflow.

** If you are a client of Navetti and you don’t have access to our Information Library or Knowledge Center, you can request access by sending an email to  

Our Navetti ClientCare™ professionals are always available to answer any questions, should you need additional help. 


If you have a topic you would like us to cover in our next ClientCare Column, please forward your request to