The journey

Almost every market and every product category is today becoming more international, and also more complex. The competition is more diverse and acts faster than before. Transparency and cross-border trade is growing steadily. As a consequence, international companies increasingly struggle with the challenge of price inconsistencies across their worldwide businesses.

In 2002, Styrbjörn Horn was asked by a leading industrial manufacturing company to head a project that would help them address this problem. The goal was to establish a new pricing methodology that was more customer value-oriented. Styrbjörn Horn founded Navetti for this purpose.

One of his first priorities was to assemble a team with the necessary expertise and experience in order to develop the methods and software that would later revolutionize global pricing for the manufacturing industry. Navetti applied value-based and market-driven pricing principles, and developed a framework and structure to apply this across the entire product portfolio with hundreds of thousands of spare parts and components. Previously, this had only been done for a handful of products in a primary market. In addition, the Navetti team developed an IT system with the capacity to centrally coordinate millions of price points around the world.

A wider scope

Today, we at Navetti have evolved from offering spare parts pricing to manage operational value-based pricing of products, systems, accessories and services, all supported by our practical expertise in the field and our unique system solution Navetti PricePoint™. The story that began with yearly price revisions for business-to-business spare parts is now equally at home with consumer e-commerce applications where prices often are adjusted on a daily basis, sometimes even several times per day. And, thanks to recent developments, we have now also added category-leading CPQ (Configure/Price/Quote) solutions to our offering.


Stable and fast growing

Andreas Westling took over as CEO of Navetti in 2012, with Styrbjörn focusing his attention on the role of chairman of the Navetti board. Since then, Navetti has continued to expand. The basis for the success is our dedication to operational pricing solutions that bring real commercial value to our customers. All based on a combination of customer insights originating in our industrial heritage, a deep understanding of the mechanisms of value-based pricing and an engaging entrepreneurial spirit.

In June 2018, the next step of the journey began, as Vendavo Inc, based in Denver, Colorado, acquired Navetti. This means that Navetti PricePoint™ will be offered across a much wider geographical market, but also that Navetti customers will have access to a wider range of solutions from the Vendavo portfolio for commercial excellence, particularly when it comes to CPQ requirements.

Navetti has been listed several times by the leading Nordic business newspaper Dagens Industri ( in their rating of fastest growing companies in Sweden. Navetti has the highest financial stability level for coampanies, as rated by Soliditet and UC.