Navetti PricePoint™

Our clients say

PhD Tom Wingren Global Pricing Manager, Wärtsilä
"Navetti PricePoint™ is reinforcing Wärtsilä's truly global business- and IT setup. Now we can be proactive, simulate business impacts and plan for future price updates. Users have found the system logical to use in the daily pricing process and Navetti has supported Wärtsilä’s journey to reach a new level of pricing excellence."
Björn Wennberg Director Pricing Services, DeLaval

"Navetti PricePoint™ has enabled us to create a fully integrated  pricing platform for our global operation. This has provided us with full transparency, quality prices and control of our business model. A key reason for choosing Navetti was the competence of the Navetti consultants."

Dr. Paul Artur Glenn Heidelberg Global Systemservice
"Managing and optimizing millions of price points globally is a complex task. We selected Navetti PricePoint because it fits best with our methodologies and framework. Navetti PricePoint enables us to transfer methods into global operation with seamless technical integration to our existing IT landscape. A key reason for Navetti was also the committed, enthusiastic and professional team."
Rickard Nilsson Pricing Manager, Electrolux

"Pricing in line with customer perceived value makes it possible to simultaneously increase profitability and customer trust. As the only supplier who can offer both professional services and market leading software, Navetti was the obvious choice for Electrolux when selecting a partner for this strategic change."

Peter Ståhl Business Manager, Xylem

"One important criteria for me when selecting a software vendor was the pricing competence of the people delivering the solution. Navetti provided full support, from high level project planning to daily queries."

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