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Boost sustainable profit

Navetti offers a unique pricing software - Navetti PricePoint™ - together with highly qualified consultancy services. 

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Navetti delivers Value Based and Market Driven prices

Navetti delivers pricing solutions for Value Based and Market Driven Pricing, based on customer perceived value and competitive market environment. 

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Looking for pricing excellence?

Navetti provides you with global business control and supports local business decisions, allowing you to benefit from fact-based decision-making throughout your organization.

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Interested in our IT side?

Navetti PricePoint™ integrates with all standard ERP, PDM, DW systems. By utilizing Navetti NAIS™ (Navetti Agile Integration Suite), it is easy to modify, change and monitor all kinds of integration installations. 


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Karl Larsson Pricing Expert & VP System Solutions
My organisation develops Navetti PricePoint™ to be the best business backbone of a global company. It shall be the benchmark for controlling, managing, measuring and optimizing all aspects of your pricing.
Hamed Hakimian Pricing Expert & Consultant
From the very beginning, I found Navetti to be an innovative company full of young and energetic professionals in the realm of management consulting. Learning and development has no end when working with the largest and most successful manufacturing companies.
Max Bonn Pricing Expert & Consultant
A price reflects the value of all the work that is done and all the efforts that are taken within an organization to create a great product or service. My ambition as Pricing Expert is to get the most out of it.

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Over the years we have helped global companies from different sectors:

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation
  • Consumer Goods
  • And more...

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